Billie Jo Wiley's Pedigree Chart as of 9/13/2000
As this says, it is my pedigree, so it includes my mom's side of my family too.

For those not directly related, the table of buttons below will take you to various pages of pictures I have recently been able to get from my Grandma who married Frank Raymond Wiley, son of Charles Wesley Wiley, son of Robert Wiley, sone of James Wiley, son of William Wiley (1751-1816).  This is definitely a work in progress, but eventually it should be a pretty nice site.

There are currently 16 pages to this site. To get to any other page click on the number below. P is for Pedigree chart. Mine for now....

For printing of this large graphic, it would probably be easier for you to click on it and it will take you to a page of nothing but this graphic.  You will have to use the BACK button of your browser to get back here.