Photo's from Grandma Wiley's photo albums

Well I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

This picture says "Edith Elaine Grimes 1970" on the back. Edith Elaine is Cecial & Edith's Grimes daughter.
Frankie & Vonnie
I would love to know who all these people are.
Gordon Wiley, son of Charles William Wiley, grandson of Frank Raymond Wiley.
Violet Cloris (Grimes) Wiley also known as Grandma Wiley, frosting a cake. One of my favorite memories is of all of the sweets she seemed to always be making.
Violet Cloris (Grimes) Wiley and a baby I don't know. Could anyone tell me who this is?
Frank Raymond Wiley and a baby. I'd still really like to know who this baby is.
The back called him Jacob.
James William Grimes (grandma's dad) and his favorite team, Beauty and Bess. Dog unknown.
Joseph Warren Wiley Jr., son of Joseph Warren Wiley, grandson of Frank Raymond Wiley
Karen Jo Wiley, daughter of Charles William Wiley, granddaughter of Frank Raymond Wiley
Korey Yvonne Kennedy, daughter of Cloris Yvonne (Vonnie) Wiley, granddaughter of Frank Raymond Wiley on the horse he gave to Vonnie when she married George Kennedy. (Not Korey's dad, Barry Nixon also known as Destry is her father.)

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