Photo's from Grandma Wiley's photo albums

Well I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

Myrtle Amanda Jane Grimes and "Vonnie" Cloris Yvonne Wiley.
Grimes Family. Grandma is the one in the back left.
Violet Christine Wiley (Joe's eldest daughter) on her way to become the wife of Craig Allen Small. One her right is Julia, Joe's second daughter and on her left is Tammy a sister by her mother.
Violet Christine Wiley, known as Christine. Daughter of Joseph Warren Wiley and Kay (Tully)
Jeffrey Allen Wiley, son of Joseph Warren Wiley and Kay (Tully)
Melissa Kay Wiley. Daughter of Joseph Warren Wiley and Kay (Tully)
Rose Mary Garrett (NOT really a part of the family, but I wanted it here.)
Zaya Asim Garner, July 3, 2000. Son of Billie Jo Wiley-Garner and Steven James Garner. Grandson of Joseph Warren Wiley. Great-Grandson of Cloris Wiley.

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