Photo's from Grandma Wiley's photo albums

Well I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

Vicki is the one 2nd from the left in the second row.
Vonnie is the one fourth from the left in the middle row.
Vonnie and Vicki, June 58.
Vonnie said that this is her and Vicki and she named the horses but I didn't write it down and have forgetton.
Kelly Laverne Kennedy, 7 month. Vonnie's oldest son. His father is George Kennedy. Born in 1976.
Virginia and Paul, September 26, 1954
On the porch is Grandma and Aunt Virginia, and up front is Aunt Vivian with Vonnie in the buggie and Paul standing behind.
Robert Lowell Wiley.
I think this is Paul's grad 6 picture. I think he is the one on the far right of the second to the last row.

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