Photo's from Grandma Wiley's photo albums

Well I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

Stan Johnson, Freshman Year, Cantril, IA
Cloris Yvonne Wiley, 3rd Grade.
Dorinda Kaness Williams. Age 11. John and Vivian's 5th child (4th daughter)
I still do not know who this is but the back says - "This is me with the queen of the household -- Wilhemina -- on my lap -- my place has changed quite a lot in the short time since the picture was taken. We have replaced the furniture and painted etc"
Delbert Lee Williams, one of Vivian's boys, age 15.
Vicki Jeannette Wiley, Grade 2.
Frank Raymond Wiley, Sr. and someone.
"Vivian Joanne, Helen Yvonne, Charles William"
"May 1956, Vonnie, Frankie, and Little Gray Heffer"
Frank Raymond Wiley, also known as Frankie.
Mrs. Beeler, a 4th grade school teacher. Vicki went to school with her daughter Sonja.

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