Violet Cloris (Grimes) Wiley, 1999.
Violet Cloris Wiley, 3/20/1916 to 2/18/2001, Age 84yr 10m 28d

She was born in Libertyville, Iowa, the youngest of 6 children born to James William Grimes and Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell. She has lived for the last 40 or so years on a farm in Cantril, Iowa known to family as the 160.

She is preceded in death by her husband Frank Raymond Wiley, her parents, her brothers Cecil, Clive and William, and a sister Intha May, her son Joseph Warren Wiley, a granddaughter Violet Christine Small, and a great granddaughter, Dannidyn Montana Christine Garner.

She was a truly amazing woman. No one expected her to go so quickly even at such a ripe old age. Since Joe's death (her son) she has been showing signs of possibly having Alzheimer's. Sunday, February 10th, she fell in her kitchen and broke her wrist. When asked by doctors what happened she told them that she fell while closing a corn crib. So they sent her to a mental hospital in Macon, Missouri to sort things out. They thought that the medicines she was on may have been too strong, as they were prescribed when she was a little heavier and as of lately she has not been eating much. I guess as of Friday or Saturday, they had just begun to get her to start eating, and Sunday at 12:30pm she just stopped breathing. That is what was reported back from Macon.  She was buried beside her husband and her son in Maple Grove Cemetery in Cantril, Iowa.

Gone but never forgotten

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Photo's of Cloris Wiley

These are all photos I found in some of the photo albums Grandma has kept thru the years. There are lots more, but most are blurred or of a pretty recent nature and seemed less important than these. I only scanned ones I deemed important for genealogy purposes. Usually just the old ones. I have tried to label them as well as I can. Those I can't figure out, I would love to be emailed or written to about who they are and any possible stories that may go along with the photo. ENJOY our family!!!

I got quite a few photos from Aunt Annie (her sister) and from Vivian (her second daughter) and from Wayne (her third son).  I hope I marked them all to give everyone proper credit.

Well I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

I love genealogy and all that old stuff. I guess I just like to know the story of MY existence and to know who came before me. So on the following pages I have included all the old photos I have. I've tried to put just a few per page so that it doesn't take a life time to down load. Eventually, I will take the time to give it a better directory.

I've gotten pictures from my Grandma Wiley (Dad's Mom) and from my Grandpa Garrett (Mom's Dad). I've always been closer to the Wiley's and have done the most research on that end, so I will begin with her photos.

So here are the smaller versions. To see any picture at its largest, just click on it. I have done it this way so that this page will load faster and also because it is easier to print from the picture by itself. Just click on your browsers BACK button when ready to return to this page.

The baby in this photo, Grandma does not remember, but she called the girl holding the baby the Daughter of 'Aunt' May in the back and the oldest women she called Goldie Grimes.

I think she may have remembered this one wrong because the next picture is of the same young girl and Grandma said that is her with her white calf. So I think this is Virginia as a baby, Grandma holding her, then her mother Myrtle Amanda Jane and then her grandma... I don't know which grandma tho, if this is even a grandma.

Grandma says this is her (Violet Cloris Grimes) and her white calf.
Clive, Cecil, Anna Pearl and Violet Cloris Grimes.
Cloris Wiley as a new mom with Virginia in front of her, Vivian in her right arm and Billi in her left.
Vonnie, Cloris and Vicki, 1970.
Given names are Cloris Yvonne Wiley, Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley, Vicki Jeannette Wiley.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley is the one on the far left.  The next person is unknown, Paul Albert Wiley is pulling on the cart with Cloris Yvonne Wiley inside and Virginia Mae Wiley to the right.  Actually I don't know if Virginia grew up a Voss or a Wiley.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley at the wedding of her son William Charles Wiley to Carol Lynn Balogh.  Cloris is the 2nd from the left.
Violet Cloris Grimes, November 18th, 1929 with an unknown cat.
(Photo from Aunt Annie's collection)
Violet Cloris Grimes with an unknown child and dog.  Could this be Virginia?
(Photo from Aunt Annie's collection)
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley, 1999.
(Photo from Wayne Wiley's collection)
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley and Lloyd Wayne Wiley.
(Photo from Wayne Wiley's collection)
I think Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley is the second one from the left and that one of the other girls is likely to be Anna Pearl Grimes, but  I don't actually have confirmation on these guesses.
Violet Cloris Grimes, Anna Pearl Grimes and an unknown boy and horse.
Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell Grimes, Violet Cloris Grimes, Emma Renthy Ferguson Grimes, Clive Wilton Grimes and Anna Pearl Grimes.
I don't know for sure about most of these, but my educated guess by comparing to other photos is...
James William Grimes and Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell Grimes in front on the left.  Don't know the man behind them.  I think the little girl closest to them is probably Violet Cloris Grimes and Anna Pearl Grimes could be the girl on the far right.  The man on the far right looks really familiar but I'm not sure.  The guesses on the girls could be wrong.  This looks like an older photo of Myrtle.
I don't know for sure about most of these, but my educated guess by comparing to other photos is...
Anna Pearl Grimes and Violet Cloris Grimes are the two little girls.
The two in the back are probably James William Grimes and Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell Grimes, parents to the kids.
Then the middle row is probably, Clive Wilton Grimes, unknown man, then maybe Myrtle's parents, William T. Campbell and Anna Rebecca Troette Campbell.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley, Clive Wilton Grimes, Anna Pearl Grimes in the back row with James William Grimes and Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell Grimes.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley, unknown woman, Myrtle Amanda Jane Campbell Grimes, Anna Pearl Grimes, and James William Grimes.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley and Ralph Roland Wiley, her brother-in-law.  She married his brother Frank and he married her sister Annie.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley and a still unidentified baby.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley making another of her wonderful confetti angel food cakes.  Everyones favorite treat.
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley and Frank Raymond Wiley with lots of their children.
(Photo from Aunt Vivian's collection)
Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley is in the back in a dress in the garden.  I don't know who all the kids are but would love to .
(Photo from Aunt Vivian's collection)
Vivian Joanne Wiley Williams is the lady on the far left, and probably the boy is her son Delbert Lee Williams and the little baby girl is her daughter, Denise Renae Williams.  The woman in the back left of the table is Violet Cloris Grimes Wiley.  I don't know who she is holding or who the other woman is.
(Photo from Aunt Vivian's collection)

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I'd especially like to thank Glen and Marilyn, and Vivian ad Virginia for helping me label lots of these pictures correctly.

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