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Earl Henry Forquer and his 1926 Model T, with Billie Jo Wiley-Garner and her children, Zaya and Abyni
Maxine Grabowski, Melissa, Hazel....
Earl Henry Forquer and his 1926 Model T
Melissa Berry and Graden, with Zaya Garner playing with car and Hayley Mason looking at them
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Henry Forquer
Mrs. Earl Henry Forquer
Erika Beske, James Baker and Chad Wiley
Graden Berry and Hayley Mason
Zaya Garner, Hayley Mason and Graden Berry
Rose Mary Garrett in back of Hazel Arnold.  Charley Stone on right.
Ernest Forquer, Chad Wiley in the back
Ernest Forquer in blue and James Baker with him
Maxine Grabowski in red
Rae Ann Mason with back to us
Rae Ann Mason holding Abyni Garner, Melissa Berry beside her
Rae Ann Mason holding Abyni Garner with Melissa Berry watching
Earl Henry Forquer and Mary Dean Farr (they are brother and sister)
Rae Ann Mason holding Abyni Garner and Melissa Berry

Found this on the web, but Earl Henry does not believe it is our Isaac...  I think it is...


Here is Isaac's decendants as I have them.  I would love more details and people and so on to make this more complete.


This is all of the genealogy information I have.  I would love it if everyone could help me fell in the blanks.  Birthdates, deathdates, stories, spouses, children, lives...

1. Isaac Armstrong Forquer
Notes: I found an Isaac Forquer on born about 1836 in Maryland and married Sarah E. Chaney on 7/4/1860 in Scottland, Missouri and that he was christened in Sandhill, Scotland, Missouri. ... he may have served int he Civil War from Missouri.  See picture IsaacForquer.jpg
Spouse: Mary J.
Children: Eugene William
 Sherman Carroll
 Harrison Russell

1.1 Eugene William Forquer
Notes: married between 1851&1900
Spouse: Eliza
Children: Eva
 Barbara Ellen
 Henry Patrick

1.1.1 Eva Forquer

1.1.2a Frances Forquer*
Spouse: Dalton
Children: Theresa
Other spouses: Brooks

1.1.2a.1 Theresa Dalton

1.1.2a.2 Edgar Dalton

1.1.2a.3 Joe Dalton

1.1.2b Frances Forquer*
(See above)
Spouse: Brooks
Other spouses: Dalton

1.1.3a Martha Forquer*
Spouse: Jessie Stone Sr.
Children: Anna Mae
Other spouses: Brown

1.1.3a.1 Anna Mae Stone
Spouse: Burford

1.1.3a.2 Jessie Stone Jr.
Children: David

1.1.3a.2.1 David Stone
Children: Jason

1.1.3a.2.1.1 Jason Stone

1.1.3a.2.2 Philip Stone
Children: Shelly

1.1.3a.2.2.1 Shelly Stone

1.1.3a.2.2.2 Ryan Stone

1.1.3a.2.2.3 Shannon

1.1.3b Martha Forquer*
(See above)
Spouse: Brown
Other spouses: Jessie Stone Sr.

1.1.4 Walter Forquer
Notes:  Found a Walter Forquer who was born 10/4/1914 and died 10/1984 and had the ssn of 498-12-5862 that was issued in Missouri...  last residence was Carman, Henderson, IL 61425
Children: Waneva
 Bea Rossi
 Jessie Waneva Forquer
Spouse: Carlin Eugene Forquer Fern Forquer
Spouse: Tery Bea Rossi Forquer
Spouse: Smith Ella Forquer
Spouse: Murphy Leo Forquer
Spouse: Betty
Children: Ronald Dean Ronald Dean Forquer Sr.
Children: Ronald Dean Ronald Dean Forquer Jr. Esther Forquer
Spouse: Lorntzen Jessie Forquer
Children: Christy
 Jeffrey Christy Forquer Jeffrey Forquer

1.1.5 Barbara Ellen Forquer
Birth Date: Feb 12, 1886
Death Date: 1968
Spouse: William Walter Stone
Death Date: About 1935
Spouse Notes:  Hazel says that he died when she was about 5.  I wonder if her memory is not off and that these dates are accurate for his birth and death... October 15, 1882 and October 28, 1941.  Another possibility is that he had a sister named Sarah Josephine, father's name was William Arthur and mother was Ella Irene Bucknam.  His maternal grandparents may have been Dexter Bucknam and Eliza Shay.
Children: Elma Alta
 Cora Irene
 Hazel Margaret
 Charley Hubert
 Rosy Nelle Elma Alta Stone
Notes:  Born on April 26 or 27.  Died of some sort kidney infection when she was 20 something. Cora Irene Stone
Birth Date: Sep 6, 1929
Notes: Died when she was about 30 according to Francis Garrett.
Spouse: ? Overfield Hazel Margaret Stone*
Birth Date: Jun 14, 1930
Birth Place: Bible Grove, Scotland County, Missouri
Occupation: Factory Worker
Notes: Boyfriend...Thomas Michael Dunning 11-28-31.  Father died when she was 5.  At age13, she was hired as a housekeeper by Edward Francis Garrett.  Hazel got pregnant, so she had to marry him.  After Lee was born, they divorced.  Remarried when she got pregnant again. Divorced after baby Rose.  She lived with her mother, brother , and sister during the marriages while Francis lived with Edna.  Gave the babies up to Francis' mother, Grace when Rose was 4 months old.
Medical:   In labor with Rose from Friday until Monday, when they finally took her to Kirksville to deliver.  Rose was her heaviest baby at 8lb 4oz.
Spouse: Edward Francis Garrett
Birth Date: Oct 1, 1912
Birth Place: North of Memphis, Missouri
Spouse Father: Ebenezer Garrett (1881-1923)
Spouse Mother: Grace Alice Pearl Cline (1889-1965)
Spouse Notes:   Tamp was his nickname because he hoarded his money.  As of 2001 has a gun that he got when he was 13 years that he gave $7.  Its a 410.  Got the $7 by working for 25¢ and 50¢ a day.  Used for hunting rabbits and squirrel.  Spanked dogs and tom cats with it.  Very proud of this gun because he's had it so long.  Age 16 Centerville Hospital had double pnuemonia and had to be operated on.  Missing a piece of rib.  Had to learn to walk again.
Children: Edward Lee
 Rose Mary
Other spouses: William Robert Arnold Edward Lee Garrett
Birth Date: Sep 13, 1945
Medical:  5 lbs at birth
Children: Brian Brian Garrett Rose Mary Garrett*
Birth Date: Jan 20, 1947
Birth Place: GrimSmith Hospital, Kirksville, Missouri
Occupation: Professional House Cleaner
Education: 10th grade
Medical: Mother in labor with Rose from Friday until Monday, when they finally took her to Kirksville to deliver.  Rose was her heaviest baby at 8lb 4oz.
Spouse: Delbert Craig, never married
Birth Date: Oct 22,
Children: Eddie Dean
Other spouses: Rex Dean Harward
 Joseph Warren Wiley Sr. Eddie Dean Harward
Birth Date: May 31, 1964
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa
Occupation: Factory worker at Dexter, in Fairfield, Iowa
Notes:  He was raised as one of Rex's kids.  Delbert has never had anything to do with him.  They have only met a handful of times.
Medical: born at 10:35am, 8lb 2oz
Spouse: Tamara Louise Nunez
Birth Date: Nov 4, 1969
Children: Aaron Christopher
 Amanda Louise
 Brooke Nichole Aaron Christopher Harward
Birth Date: Oct 19, 1988
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa Amanda Louise Harward
Birth Date: Nov 3, 1990
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa Brooke Nichole Harward
Birth Date: Nov 14, 1992
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa Rose Mary Garrett*
(See above)
Spouse: Rex Dean Harward
Birth Date: May 27,
Marriage Date: 1953/1954
Children: Rickie Allen
 Carla Dee
Other spouses: Delbert Craig
 Joseph Warren Wiley Sr. Rickie Allen Harward
Birth Date: Feb 9, 1966
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa
Occupation: Self Employed Carpenter
Medical: born at 9:25pm, 9lb 4oz Carla Dee Harward*
Birth Date: Sep 2, 1969
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa
Medical: born at 6:03am, 9lb 9oz
Spouse: Robert Wayne Bohannon
Birth Date: Jun 16, 1962
Marriage Date: Mar 1986
Children: Stormy Dawn
 Sabrine Odess
 Tiffany Lynn
 Seth Anthony
Other spouses: Kenneth Waters, never married Stormy Dawn Bohannon
Birth Date: Dec 27, 1986
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa Sabrine Odess Bohannon
Birth Date: Jun 3, 1989
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa Jeremy Bohannon
Birth Place: miscarried at 4 months Tiffany Lynn Bohannon
Birth Date: Nov 1, 1991
Birth Place: home in Cantril, Iowa Seth Anthony Bohannon
Birth Date: Nov 29, 1994 Carla Dee Harward*
(See above)
Spouse: Kenneth Waters, never married
Children: Samantha Catherine
Other spouses: Robert Wayne Bohannon Samantha Catherine Waters
Birth Date: Aug 15, 2000
Birth Place: Ottumwa Regional Hosp, Ottumwa, Iowa Rose Mary Garrett*
(See above)
Spouse: Joseph Warren Wiley Sr.
Birth Date: Feb 3, 1939
Birth Place: Mt. Sterling, Iowa
Death Cause Place: Smoke Inhalation, Completely Burnt
Death Date: Nov 10, 1996
Death Place: home, Scabery Place, Cantril, Iowa
Burial Date: Nov 12, 1996
Burial Place: Maple Grove Cemetary, Cantril, Iowa
Occupation: Laborer for 25 year at Iowa Mallable in Fairfield
Education: High School Graduate
Spouse Father: Frank Raymond Wiley Sr. (1905-1977)
Spouse Mother: Violet Cloris Grimes (1916-2001)
Spouse Notes:
Named after the man who delivered him.  His mother said that when the baby was placed in her arms the doctor asked what his name was and she said she hadnt thought of that and the doctor made the comment that she should name him after a good man.  So she named the baby after him.  When he was younger, he was allergic to cow milk and had to drink goat's milk, Billie thinks she remembers him saying.  Any way he hated goat's milk.  Factory Worker at Iowa Malleable Iron & Steel in Fairfield for almost 25 years, before that he worked for a factory in Keosauqua.  Died in a house fire.  The general belief is that there was faulty wiring in the trailer or that there were animals playing with an extention cord.  The fire started in the kitchen.  His body was found in the hallway.  The first person to notice the fire was Kevin Michael Kennedy, one of Joe's nephews.  He and Kelly, his brother, tried to break into the blaze to get Joe out but it was not use.
ssn 480-48-36876 also has erronously listed his death as 11/12/1996
Spouse Medical:  Alcoholic
Marriage Date: Jan 1, 1974
Marriage Place: Kahoka, Missouri
Divorced: Apr 1978
Children: Billie Jo
Other spouses: Delbert Craig
 Rex Dean Harward Billie Jo Wiley
Birth Date: May 28, 1975
Birth Place: Memorial Hospital, Keosauqua, Iowa
Occupation: Computer person
Education: 1 year of Computer Science at Indian Hills Community College
Notes: born at 5:50pm
Married name is Wiley-Garner
Spouse: Steven James Garner
Birth Date: Oct 19, 1956
Birth Place: St. Helens Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand
Occupation: Systems Integrator, Information Specialist
Education: lotsa college
Spouse Father: David McNiven Garner (1928-)
Spouse Mother: Edna Jean Ramsden (1929-)
Spouse Medical:
born at 11:30 pm just 2 minutes before or after a full moon and weighed 9 lbs 1 oz
Marriage Date: Aug 20, 1995
Marriage Place: 3JCW, Iowa City Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa
Children: Dannidyn Montana Christine
 Zaya Asim
 Abyni Marin Dannidyn Montana Christine Garner
Birth Date: Mar 17, 1995
Birth Place: Tsisarurahkariku, 2696 Highway 34, Fairfield, Iowa
Death Cause Place: poorly differentiate carcinoma
Death Date: Aug 20, 1995
Death Place: 3JCW, Iowa City Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa
Burial Date: Aug 21, 1995
Burial Place: Creamated in Iowa City, have ashes
Medical: died at age 5m 3d, of an unknown agressive cancer Zaya Asim Garner
Birth Date: Jun 8, 1999
Birth Place: Tsisarurahkariku, 2696 Hwy 34, Fairfield, Iowa Abyni Marin Garner
Birth Date: Jul 4, 2001
Birth Place: 306 W Jefferson Ave, Fairfield, Iowa Hazel Margaret Stone*
(See above)
Spouse: William Robert Arnold
Children: Bobby Eugene
Other spouses: Edward Francis Garrett Bobby Eugene Arnold
Birth Date: Jul 25, 1948
Spouse: Linda
Birth Date: Jun 8, Charley Hubert Stone
Birth Date: Sep 27, 1931
Has never been married.  Seems to be a little slow mentally.  Hazel, his sister, seems to take care of him quite a bit. Rosy Nelle Stone
Birth Date: Nov 2, 1932
Notes: Lived 100 miles from the World Trade Centers that fell to terrorists in Sept 11, 2001.
Spouse: Henry? Kumcler
Children: Anna Jane (Janie) Anna Jane (Janie) Kumcler
Spouse: Newkirk

1.1.6 Henry Patrick Forquer
Birth Date: Feb 10, 1892
Death Date: May 1981
Notes: There is a possibility that the birth and death day and this SSN of this person is wrong.  ssn 486-42-1687 and last residence Rutledge, Scotland, MO6
Children: Earl Henry
 Mary Dean
 Raymond Eugene
 Wallace Pearl Earl Henry Forquer
Children: Ernestine
 Marilyn (Twin)
 Carolyn (Twin) Ernestine Forquer
Spouse: Poling Marilyn Forquer
Spouse: Beske
Children: Christina
 Rae Ann Christina Beske Erika Beske Rae Ann Beske*
Spouse: Baker
Children: James Alexander
Other spouses: Mason James Alexander Baker Rae Ann Beske*
(See above)
Spouse: Mason
Children: Hayley Cheyanne
Other spouses: Baker Hayley Cheyanne Mason Carolyn Forquer*
Spouse: Dromey
Children: Michael John
 Melissa Ann
Other spouses: Swigart Michael John Dromey Melissa Ann Dromey Carolyn Forquer*
(See above)
Spouse: Swigart
Other spouses: Dromey Mary Dean Forquer
Spouse: Farr
Children: Roland
 Rhonda Roland Farr
Children: Amanda Renee
 Gregory Ryan Amanda Renee Farr
Spouse: Lay
Children: Alyssa Faith
 Preston Wade Alyssa Faith Lay Preston Wade Lay Gregory Ryan Farr Robey Farr
Children: Randy Lee
 Tyler Joe
 Robin Lynn Randy Lee Farr Tyler Joe Farr Robin Lynn Farr Rhonda Farr
Spouse: Whittaker
Children: Douglas Anthony
 Geoffrey Lee Douglas Anthony Whittaker Geoffrey Lee Whittaker Raymond Eugene Forquer
Children: Nancy Kay
 Dennis Ray
 Judy May
 Twila Fay Nancy Kay Forquer
Spouse: McKim
Children: Melody Joy Melody Joy McKim Dennis Ray Forquer Judy May Forquer
Spouse: Thomas Twila Fay Forquer
Spouse: Jones
Children: Alisha Faye
 Nathaniel Ray Alisha Faye Jones Nathaniel Ray Jones Wallace Pearl Forquer

1.1.7 Martin Forquer
Birth Date: Sep 19, 1897
Death Date: Aug 1987
Notes: There is a possibility that the birth and death day and this SSN of this person is wrong.  ssn 486-38-5118 & last residence: Lewistown, Lewis, MO6
Children: Ernest Ernest Forquer

1.1.8 James Forquer
Birth Date: Mar 20, 1904
Death Date: Dec 1970
Notes:  There is a possibility that the birth and death day and this SSN of this person is wrong.  ssn 486-14-1916 and last residence Granger, Scotland, MO6
Spouse: Velma
Death Place: 1998
Children: Dale
 Arthur Lee
 Verda Jean Dale Forquer
Birth Date: Aug 11, 1926
Death Date: Nov 1968
Notes:  There is a possibility that the birth and death day and this SSN of this person is wrong.  ssn 492-24-11276 Loyd Forquer Arthur Lee Forquer*
Birth Date: Nov 23, 1933
Birth Place: Bible Grove, MO
Death Cause Place: Heart attack
Death Date: Mar 18, 1999
Notes: There is a possibility that the birth and death day and this SSN of this person is wrong.  ssn 500-36-2989 and last known residence was Baring, Knox, MO6
Spouse: Irene
Children: Clayton Eugene
 Lisa Ellen
Other spouses: Helen Roeller Clayton Eugene Forquer Clinton Forquer Clifford Forquer Christopher Forquer
Birth Date: Dec 7, Curtis Forquer Lisa Ellen Forquer
Birth Date: Dec 14, 1966
Spouse: Terry Lee Huston
Birth Date: Oct 15, 1962
Marriage Date: Jul 30, 1987
Children: Jonathan Ray
 Kala Marie
 Timothy Lee
 Andrea Cathleen Jonathan Ray Huston
Birth Date: May 26, 1986 Kala Marie Huston
Birth Date: Jul 5, 1990 Timothy Lee Huston
Birth Date: Sep 19, 1992 Andrea Cathleen Huston
Birth Date: Dec 30, 1997 Arthur Lee Forquer*
(See above)
Spouse: Helen Roeller
Birth Date: Aug 27, 1930
Marriage Date: Jul 1974
Other spouses: Irene Kenneth Forquer
Children: Larry Larry Forquer Verda Jean Forquer
Spouse: Wilcox

1.2 Sherman Carroll Forquer
Children: Vida

1.2.1 Vida Forquer
Spouse: Bertram
Children: Phyllis
 Margaret Phyllis Bertram
Spouse: Alderton Margaret Bertram

1.2.2 Russell Forquer

1.2.3 Gertrude Forquer
Spouse: Gibbs
Children: Leo
 Bruce Leo Gibbs Bruce Gibbs

1.2.4 Imogene Forquer

1.2.5 Hazel Forquer

1.3 Mary Forquer
Notes: I wonder if she was not Mary Alma Forquer who married George Washington Stockham.

1.4 Mattie Forquer
Spouse: Eaton
Children: Lydia
 George Isaac
 John Robert

1.4.1 Lydia Eaton
Spouse: Springer

1.4.2 George Isaac Eaton

1.4.3 John Robert Eaton

1.4.4 Pauline Eaton
Spouse: Womack

1.5 Nancy Forquer
Spouse: Copper

1.6 Harrison Russell Forquer
Spouse: Maggie
Children: Maxine

1.6.1 Maxine Forquer
Spouse: William Grabowski
Birth Date: Aug 14, 1910
Death Date: May 27, 1999
Spouse Notes:
ssn 491-40-00696
Marriage Date: Sep 28, 1935
Children: Clarine
 Harry Lee
 Sammy Clarine Grabowski
Death Date: Before 1997
Spouse: Rush Harry Lee Grabowski
Spouse: Judy
Children: RoxAnn Ruth RoxAnn Ruth Grabowski Sammy Grabowski

1.7 Dora Forquer
Spouse: Hocking
Children: Sylvia Guiles

1.7.1 Sylvia Guiles Hocking
Spouse: Garrison

1.7.2 Olive Hocking
Spouse: Bull

1.7.3 Jean Hocking
Spouse: Miller

1.8 Roberta Forquer

1.9 Lena Forquer
Reference Note 6 - Social Security Death Index at RootsWeb on the internet at


, Shannon 1.1.3a.2.2.3
Arnold, Bobby Eugene
Baker, James Alexander
Bertram, Margaret
Bertram, Phyllis
Beske, Christina
Beske, Erika
Beske, Rae Ann
Bohannon, Jeremy
Bohannon, Sabrine Odess
Bohannon, Seth Anthony
Bohannon, Stormy Dawn
Bohannon, Tiffany Lynn
Dalton, Edgar 1.1.2a.2
Dalton, Joe 1.1.2a.3
Dalton, Theresa 1.1.2a.1
Dromey, Melissa Ann
Dromey, Michael John
Eaton, George Isaac 1.4.2
Eaton, John Robert 1.4.3
Eaton, Lydia 1.4.1
Eaton, Pauline 1.4.4
Farr, Amanda Renee
Farr, Gregory Ryan
Farr, Randy Lee
Farr, Rhonda
Farr, Robey
Farr, Robin Lynn
Farr, Roland
Farr, Tyler Joe
Forquer, Arthur Lee
Forquer, Barbara Ellen 1.1.5
Forquer, Bea Rossi
Forquer, Carolyn
Forquer, Christopher
Forquer, Christy
Forquer, Clayton Eugene
Forquer, Clifford
Forquer, Clinton
Forquer, Curtis
Forquer, Dale
Forquer, Dennis Ray
Forquer, Dora 1.7
Forquer, Earl Henry
Forquer, Ella
Forquer, Ernest
Forquer, Ernestine
Forquer, Esther
Forquer, Eugene
Forquer, Eugene William 1.1
Forquer, Eva 1.1.1
Forquer, Fern
Forquer, Frances 1.1.2a
Forquer, Gertrude 1.2.3
Forquer, Harrison Russell 1.6
Forquer, Hazel 1.2.5
Forquer, Henry Patrick 1.1.6
Forquer, Imogene 1.2.4
Forquer, Isaac Armstrong 1.
Forquer, James 1.1.8
Forquer, Jeffrey
Forquer, Jessie
Forquer, Judy May
Forquer, Kenneth
Forquer, Larry
Forquer, Lena 1.9
Forquer, Leo
Forquer, Lisa Ellen
Forquer, Loyd
Forquer, Marilyn
Forquer, Martha 1.1.3a
Forquer, Martin 1.1.7
Forquer, Mary 1.3
Forquer, Mary Dean
Forquer, Mattie 1.4
Forquer, Maxine 1.6.1
Forquer, Nancy 1.5
Forquer, Nancy Kay
Forquer, Raymond Eugene
Forquer, Roberta 1.8
Forquer, Ronald Dean Jr.
Forquer, Ronald Dean Sr.
Forquer, Russell 1.2.2
Forquer, Sherman Carroll 1.2
Forquer, Twila Fay
Forquer, Verda Jean
Forquer, Vida 1.2.1
Forquer, Wallace Pearl
Forquer, Walter 1.1.4
Forquer, Waneva
Garner, Abyni Marin
Garner, Dannidyn Montana Christine
Garner, Zaya Asim
Garrett, Brian
Garrett, Edward Lee
Garrett, Rose Mary
Gibbs, Bruce
Gibbs, Leo
Grabowski, Clarine
Grabowski, Harry Lee
Grabowski, RoxAnn Ruth
Grabowski, Sammy
Harward, Aaron Christopher
Harward, Amanda Louise
Harward, Brooke Nichole
Harward, Carla Dee
Harward, Eddie Dean
Harward, Rickie Allen
Hocking, Jean 1.7.3
Hocking, Olive 1.7.2
Hocking, Sylvia Guiles 1.7.1
Huston, Andrea Cathleen
Huston, Jonathan Ray
Huston, Kala Marie
Huston, Timothy Lee
Jones, Alisha Faye
Jones, Nathaniel Ray
Kumcler, Anna Jane (Janie)
Lay, Alyssa Faith
Lay, Preston Wade
Mason, Hayley Cheyanne
McKim, Melody Joy
Stone, Anna Mae 1.1.3a.1
Stone, Charley Hubert
Stone, Cora Irene
Stone, David 1.1.3a.2.1
Stone, Elma Alta
Stone, Hazel Margaret
Stone, Jason 1.1.3a.2.1.1
Stone, Jessie Jr. 1.1.3a.2
Stone, Philip 1.1.3a.2.2
Stone, Rosy Nelle
Stone, Ryan 1.1.3a.2.2.2
Stone, Shelly 1.1.3a.2.2.1
Waters, Samantha Catherine
Whittaker, Douglas Anthony
Whittaker, Geoffrey Lee
Wiley, Billie Jo