** FHS Class of 93 Directory, A - L
Last Updated August, 2003

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Billie Jo Wiley-Garner
1607 Southview Circle
Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Tel: 641.233.0499
most reliably email: billie@whatwaswhatis.com

We had a great 10 Year Reunion.

Updated  This rose is to thank those who sent in information for the 10 year reunion or just showed up at Kokomo's that night.
No Grad w/ Us  This moon represents those that could have/should have graduated with us but either went to other schools or chose not to finish school or to finish early.  But in most cases they will always be a part of our class.
Personal Page  This sun represents those who have a personal web page you can visit with pictures of them since high school.

Adam, Joseph Michael (Joey Adam)
Email: AdamJ@uihc.uiowa.edu
Moves about every 3 months related to his medical work. Was in Pennsylvania in October 2002 according to cousin Denise Estle.  Also can reach him thru his sister.

Updated Adamson, Carla Dawn (Carla Cubbage)
Carla Adamson & Clayton Cubbage
5028 Erin Ct. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411
319.378.5584  (home)
319.398.7862 (work)
Clayton's Email: clayton.cubbage@ryancompanies.com
Occupation: CPA - Aegon
Spouse: Clay, married October 2, 1999
Spouse's Occupation: Construction Engineer - Ryan Companies
Child: Maggie (a Chocolate Labrador)
Hobby: Scrapbooking
Carla graduated with a degree in Accounting from Iowa State University.  She passed the CPA exam, and was working for a company called Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc, as the Controller.  Now she is at Aegon USA on the accounting staff.  Clayton and Carla moved to Cedar Rapids in April of 1999.  They had a baby winter 2000/2001, her name is Maggie.  At eight months old and weighed about 65 lbs.  That's right, she's a Labrador Retriever!

Aicher, Kelly Ann (Kelly Westercamp)
407 E. Franklin St.
Bloomfield, IA 52537
641.664.3638 (home)
Spouse: Devin, in Boulder, Colorado in October, 1999
Child: daughter, possibly born April 1999
Kelly graduated from UNI with a Bacholors in psychology. She was the office manager, and excutive assistant at Insultec, Inc.

UpdatedAllen, Jr., Melvin Arthur (Mel Allen, Jr.)
105 E. Hempstead Ave.
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.469.6958 (home)
Occupation: Carpenter foreman in Mt. Pleasant for Kramer's Building & Design Inc.
Spouse: Joan
Spouse's Occupation: Business Owner (Coffee House/Bookstore), Revelations in Fairfield
Child: Mason (2 years)
Mel graduated from University of Iowa with a BA in Economics.

No Grad w/ UsAvila, Nick
No clue on this guy. A general search of whitepages.com produces 34 of him. Anyone know anything more limited on him?

Updated Babcock, Carl Albert
410 1/2 N. Main St. (as of Feb 2002)
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: Waiter? at Kokomo's
Child: A daughter who lives in Georgia, and Sage (6 years)

No Grad w/ UsBailey, Mike
I have not seen him around Fairfield for a couple of years. Does anyone know what happened to him. I remember that he always had a skateboard with him and that he had a show on the local channel for it or something.

Baldosier, Julie Lynn (Julie Reid)
201 W. Jackson Ave.
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.8745 (home)
Occupation: Bank Teller in Drive-thru at Iowa State Bank Branch.
Spouse: Brian
Children: Think I heard at the reunion that she has 3?

Updated  Baldridge, Rachael Marie (Rachael Mayer)
10322 Outlook Dr.
Overland, KS 66207
913.649.7589 (home)
913.523.3887 (work)
Occupation: Sprint PCS
Spouse: Matt
Spouse's Occupation: Sprint PCS
Child: Zachary (1 year)
Organization involved in: DeltaZeta alumni association
Trip: Matt and Rachael went to Tokyo, Japan, to visit Airo Hino (the foreign exchange student that lived with her).

Updated  Personal Page  Barnett, Jeffrey Allen (Jeff Barnett)
607 W Monroe Av
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.469.5638 (home)
Occupation: Dexter
Spouse: Renea Rippey
Child: Jessica (5 years)
Works at Dexter.  Lives with Renee Rippey. Baby girl, Jessica, with Renea, born preemie on July 22, 98 (born at 24 weeks gestation.) When Jessica was 7 months old and she weighed 10 pounds, and around 15 months she weighed 15 pounds. Jessica is healthy and active now at 5 as of July 2003.

Beasley, Sarah Ann (Sarah Godwin)
115 Blackhawk Dr.
Eldridge, IA 52748
563.285.6873 (home)
Occupation: Floral Department of Hy-vee in Bettendorf, IA.
Spouse: John Godwin

Updated  Bennett, Wendi Raell (Wendi Manley)
500 N. 4th St.
Batavia, IA 52533
641.662.2420 (home)
800.966.8301 (work)
Occupation: Warehouse/Inventory Coordinator at Books Are Fun in Fairfield
Spouse: Jess, married in 1997
Spouse's Occupation: Disamatic Operater at Dexter Foundry
Child: Peyton Elizabeth (3 years) born May 3, 2000
Organizations: Wendi is currently working on organizing a local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Chapter. Currently the only Iowa chapter is in Des Moines.
Favorite High School Memory: Ms. Hansen's French class. What a waste of time. After four years, I can't speak French, but sure had fun.

No Grad w/ Us  Beye, Carla
She has 3 kids, 1 boy, Taylor, and 2 girls.  She was dating Vickie Richter's older brother in 1999. Vaguely remember that she moved to Arizona for a while after we graduated. Wonder if this is her current info I found at the whitepages.com?
542 W. Manor Dr.
Casa Grande, AZ 85222

Updated  Boese, Tom
1300 W. Jackson Ave.
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: I think he works in Fairfield at Nelson Company Inc in Fairfield.
Hobby: Party Animal

Bovard, Gregory Alan (Greg Bovard)
He lives in Fairfield.

Personal Page  Bowman, Robert Duane (Bob Bowman)
1004 West Jefferson Av
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: Nelson's Company Inc.
Spouse: Shari Cook
Child: Aspen Payne (5 years)
Hobby: Riding his Harley

Breen, Amy Marie
This is no longer correct? Anyone know where she is these days?
302 West Broadway #6
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: She graduated with an Elementary Education Degree from college in Omaha, NE. Was a substitute teacher in Fairfield Community School District.
Spouse: Jamie Cox, married October 2, 1999
Childern: Had a baby girl, born around April 1, 1999. Has another baby girl, named Kendell.

No Grad w/ UsBrissette, Todd
No Clue.

Updated  Brown, Craig Edward
218 Highland Dr. NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
319.368.8865 (work)
Occupation: TV News Reporter with KCRG-TV9
Future Wife: Katie, date set October 11, 2003
Katie's Occupation: School Teacher
Organizations: "I'm a certified lay speaker with the United Methodist Church. I'm a member of the 'Big Brothers' program. I stay active with Iowa Hawkeye Football and the Hawkey Marching Band Alumni Band."
Travel: Craig has covered a variety of news stories all over Iowa and followed the Hawkeye fans to San Antonio, Texas, and Miami, Florida.
Favorite High School Memory: Announcing basketball games, hanging out with everybody during play practice, and taking the first place trophy at the International Band competition in Florida.
Craig earned his degree in communications from Universtiy of Iowa in December of 1997. In May of 1999 took a job in Columbia/Jefferson, Mo., at KMIZ, an ABC affiliate in Columbia, Mo. You can keep up with his news stories at KCRG.com
1/4/2002 "I'm no longer in Columbia. I work as a news reporter/fill-in anchor for KCRG-TV9 News in Cedar Rapids, IA. I believe it's on Channel 4 in Fairfield. (It's the one with Bruce Aune and Denny Frary). I cover a variety of news and sports stories all over Iowa. I've been to Fairfield several times on stories (I've even talked to Denise Estle a few times in city hall!! Lucky me!) I just got back from San Antonio, Texas, where I followed Iowa Hawkeye Fans for 5 days to the Alamo bowl, and did live reports at 6 and 10. It was a great time."

Brown, Lori Yvonne
Has anyone seen anything out of this girl since school?

Updated  Bryant, Brenda Sue (Brenda Janssen)
1830 E County Rd 2500
Dallas City, IL 62330-2403
Occupation: Outreach worker for Bridgeway, Inc.
Spouse: Dan from Lyndon, IL, married in June 2001
Spouse's Occupation: Operater for Crop Production Services
Child: Pregnant at the reunion but don't remember when she is due.
Travel: Brenda has visited relatives in Colorado and Texas.
Favorite High School Memory: Hanging out with friends; track; softball; working on the yearbook. Oh, yeah, and some classes, I guess.
She attended Western Illinois University part-time to get her bachelor's in Special Education.  She lived in Madison, WI for a while before getting married.

Bryant, Howard Lewis, SPC.(P)
currently somewhere where there is lots of sand
From July 93 to December 95, he served in US Army in Ft. Kobke, Panama with 536th Engineer Bn.  From June 96 to October 98, he served with 224th Engineers in Fairfield National Guard.  Also from July 96 to October 98 he worked at Dexter Foundry in Fairfield.  From November 98 to November 99, he served in K-16 Korea for the 1152 Aviation Bn.
From an email received in early April 2003 - "Family and friends, due to unforeseen cicumstances I'm going to be leaving the country for an unknown amount of time. although I am not going on vacation I have the feeling there will be a lot of sand at our destination. Since I will not be able to recieve E-mail you may feel free to write me at the address below and my mail should be forwarded ahead to me. Catch me later, Howie"
From an email received in mid April 2003 - "Hello everyone, I now have a new address you can send mail to which will go directly to me while I am on vacation on the giant beach far far away.
UNIT #92841
APO AE 09324-2841"

No Grad w/ UsBuch, Brett
310 Gateway Dr. #116
Grimes, IA 50111
515.314.6027 (home)
515.223.4150 (work)
Occupation: Wireless Account Manager
Organizations: Polk County I-Cubs; Colfax Golf Club
Travel: Moved to Mrytle Beach, South Carolina with Patrick Morrone for a summer to work at a resort.
Favorite High School Memory: Playing baseball with the boys.
Hobbies: Working and traveling.

Burnham, Jr., Jack Edward
1306 S 7th St
Keokuk, IA 52632
319.524.2123 (home)
Occupation: works in Iowa City
Spouse: Jessica Orndott (Van Buren Class of 93), married October 95
Children: Hunter Raine was born January 18, 1996, Lane Edward was born November 2, 2001.
Attended Ellsworth Community College for two years.  He worked at Wal-Mart in Mt. Pleasant until he enrolled at University of Iowa for Civil Engineering in the fall of 97.  He has earned his entrepreneur certification as well.

Calnon, Daniel F. (Dan Calnon)
Carl Babcock told me that he heard that Dan Calnon is a retired millionaire somewhere. Go figure.

Carlson, Daniel Vern (Dan Carlson)
1774 Abbey Rd.
Burtrum, MN 56318
641.472.5386 (parents)
Occupation: trucker for Barr-Nunn.
This address may not be correct. He has not made contact with his mother for more than a year (Oct 2002) but she says that he does check in with his sister, so you can call his parents who will tell his sister, who will tell him. Hmmmm.

Cecil, James Scott Philip (Scott Cecil)
103 S. B St. Apt. #2
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: Books Are Fun in Fairfield

No Grad w/ UsChurch, Anthony
No Clue

No Grad w/ UsClark, Amanda or was it Ananda
No Clue

Personal Page  Cline, Laura May (Laura Guezimane)
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.470.1464 (home)
Occupation: Cira on the Fairfield Square.
Spouse: Felisto Guezimane, married on August 7, 1999
Spouse's Occupation: Primus Telecommunications Inc., Telegroup Business Unit, Offshore Agent Support/Svc.
Children: Kendall Robert Mickels and Jordan Fernando Guezimane was born April 24, 2000

No Grad w/ UsConger, Malissa
Middletown, Illinois

Personal Page  Cox, Scott Douglas
809 W Briggs Av
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.9127 (home)
Occupation: He works with his father as a carpenter at Cox Carpentry.
Spouse: Emily Heald from Packwood who graduated from Pekin, married on August 5, 2000

No Grad w/ UsCran, Gabrielle
No Clue

Cubbage, Clayton Eugene (Clay Cubbage)
Carla Adamson & Clayton Cubbage
5028 Erin Ct NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411
319.378.5584 (home)
Work Email: clayton.cubbage@ryancompanies.com
Occupation: Construction Engineer - Ryan Companies
Spouse: Carla Adamason
Spouse's Occupation: CPA - Aegon
Child: Maggie (chocolate Labrador)
Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing
Travel: Been to Canada several times to fish with Chris Smith. For honeymoon went to Orlando. Have also been to Las Vegas.

No Grad w/ UsDeOrnellas, Laurie
2448 Queenscup Av
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.3491 (home)
Child: Nicole born in 1991.

Personal Page  Updated  Diener, Amanda Sue
9B Schilletter Vlg
Ames, IA 50010
Child: Kathryn Renee Benedict, born June 7, 1996.

Doty-Hols, Jennifer Grace (Jennifer Sloan)
400 N D St
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.0484 (home)
Spouse: Charles

Eddy, Michell Lyn
N D St (by the high school)
Fairfield, IA 52556
Children: Has one or two.

No Grad w/ UsDouglas, Shawn
I remember when he lived near me and hung out with Bobby Elder and Matt Waldren. But not much else.

Personal Page  Updated  Ehrhardt, Amy Rochelle (Amy Ferrel)
114 Cardinal Drive
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.469.5266 (home)
Occupation: Jewelry Buyer at Books Are Fun in Fairfield
Spouse: Brett
Spouse's Occupation: Personal Director / Safety Coordinator at Agri-Plastics
Children: Taylor Nicole (6 years0: Maggie Rochelle (4 years); Carly Anne (2 years) born Sept 14, 2001
Hobbies: Scrapbooking and boating OP(lots of boating in the summer). Hanging out with the girls (and Brett).
Travel: Ozarks, California and Las Vegas
Favorite High School Memory: Being with friends

Eklund, Chloe Wailin
In or near Fairfield, see her in Hy-Vee or Econo every now and then.  Her mother lives north of the old Iowa Mallable building and is a gardener.  I think she works for the Fairfield Ledger.

Elder, Robert Eugene (Bobby Elder)
605 3rd St
Batavia, IA 52533
Occupation: Dexter
Him and Matt Waldren married sisters. Bobby works at Dexter, I think and has at least 1 son.

Personal Page  Updated  Estle, Robert Ray
2349 Glasgow Road
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.9552 (home)
Occupation: Estle Construction. He started in spring 2002 and does anything from blading driveways to digging ponds and basements.
Spouse: Denise Kessel, married September 19, 1998
Spouse's Occupation: Works for City Hall
Child: Jonathono Michael (9 months) born November 4, 2002
After graduation, he worked for Estle & Delong Construction until August 94. Worked for Fairfield Toyota until June 95, then went to work for McAninch Corporation out of Des Moines. He worked at Dexter Co. working 2nd shift maintenance for a while and now owns a construction business himself.

Fleming, Joel
917 S Kennedy #22
Madrid, IA 50156

Fleming, Michael John (Mike Fleming)
No Clue about this person.  But I think Leslie Long may have said she remembered him.

Flynn, Deana Ruth
1319 250th St
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
319.385.7498 (home)
800.966.8301 (work)
Occupation: Inventory Manager at Books Are Fun in Fairfield
Special Someone: Jeremy Lanferman
Jeremy's Occupation: Oilbusters and J&D Racing
Travel: Every summer they take a trip to different race tracks. Last summer (2002) they went to Arkansas and the summer before Ohio.
Favorite High School Memory: "I really had a great time when the chior went to Canada. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the trip to Florida with the band. It was a lot of fun and we won 1st place."
"I am getting married in October 2003. Jeremy has started his own business. He is building a dirt track stock car to race this summer. I am quite a race fan. We enjoy traveling to the different dirt tracks around the area."

No Grad w/ UsFox, Rowan
206 N D St
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.0704 (home)

Gabeline, Shelly Ann(Shelly Decker)
Lives near Wayland, IA according to Dorae?
I found this address on whitepages.com
211 Main St
Palo, IA 52324
319.256.5747 (home)
Spouse: Marc
Child: Amber.

No Grad w/ UsGallup, Charity
702 S 6th St
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.2319 (home)

Personal Page  Updated  Gerard, Dorae Lynn (Dorae Rippey)
207 E Hempstead Av
Fairfield, Iowa 52556
641.472.2234 (home)
Occupation: Registered Home Daycare Provider
Spouse: David, married October 2, 1999
Spouse's Occupation: Corrections Officer
Children: Dalton Wayne (2 years) born November 11, 2000, Drake Robert (1 year) born June 6, 2002
Organizations and Activities: Parents As Teachers and currently obtaining her Childnet certification
Travel: "After college, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona; then Omaha, Nebraska; Marion, Iowa; North Liberty, Iowa; and now we are back in Fairfield. We really didn't need to go on vacation, we just kept moving."
Favorite High School Memory: "All of my friends and activities. It all seems a lifetime away when we used to sit at each other's houses watching movies or waiting for someone else's parents to go on vacation. There were so many good times, it is hard to recall a 'favorite.' I am just glad we have so many memories."
Dorae went to the University of Iowa for 5 years. She graduated in May 98 with a BS in Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation and a BA in English.  She received her CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist).  She moved to Phoenix following graduation. She became engaged to David Rippey (FHS '90) in September of 98.  In May 1999 they moved to Omaha, NE.  In February 2001 she gave up her job as a team leader at a Residential Pre-Independent Living Program for Adolescents to start her own licensed home daycare and pre-school  This allows her to be a professional stay at home mom, and being a mom is absolutely the best reward life has offered her.  She moved to Fairfield in 2002 started her daycare and pre-school here July 1, 2002. She plans to continue her education in elementary education and pursue teaching after all her children are in school full time.

Godwin, John Allen
115 Blackhawk Dr
Eldridge, IA 52748
563.285.6873 (home)
He married to Sarah Beasley of our class.

Gray, Sarah Ann
7213 Airline Av
Urbandale, IA 50322
619.993.4935 (mobile)
Occupation: Traveling Nurse
Activities: "I've been a traveling nurse sionce 1998 and have been enjoying seeing the country and meeting new friends."
Travel: Japan trip with Matt & Rachael Mayer to visit Airo Hino (exchange student Jr. year). Europe trip in 2000 with friends. Baja peninsula Cabo San Lucas trips.
Favorite High School Memory: Going to the state track and cross country meets. Being a part of a great high school. Torch Club initiation ceremony.

No Grad w/ UsGreenfield, Robert (Bobby Greenfield)
I forget who, but someone told me that his father still lives in Ottumwa. I have not researched it much.

No Grad w/ UsHagens, Richard Kent (Kent Hagans)
100 N. 16th St. #37
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.8834 (home)
Has 3 children with Kerry (FHS 92) and 1 with Mandy Greiner (FHS 94?).

No Grad w/ UsHalley, Meghan
I think she is still in Fairfield somewhere.

Hannes, Lyle Matthew
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.3948 (home)
Occupation: Dexter Co.
Organization: volunteer Fire Fighter

No Grad w/ UsHanshaw, Mindy (Mindy Smith)
205 North Street
Brighton, IA 52540
Has some children. Married Lance Smith.

No Grad w/ UsHartley, Wendy Marie
417 E Mt. Pleasant St
West Burlington, IA 52565
or 2233 Madison Av, Burlington, IA

Harwood, Daryn Lee
203 E High Acres St
Danville, IA 52623
319) 392-8628

Personal Page  No Grad w/ UsHassel, Michael (Mike Hassel)
5411 Princess Court
Lake Dallas, TX 75065-2684

No Grad w/ UsHayhurst, Mark
No Clue

No Grad w/ UsHaynes, Susan
Has 3 children. Lives on Pierce Av

Heckethorn, Troy Eugene
6274 Washington Rd
Batavia, IA 52533
Troy had worked at Dexter, but he injured his hip & was forced to quit.  So now, he was working at Breadeaux Pisa & taking courses to be a Micro Computer Specialist.  He was also engaged to Carri Pauls.  She went to Iowa & is going to be a pharmacist.  They were getting married in 2001 and I guess the must have succeeded.

Henry, Timothy James (Tim Henry)
No Clue about Tim, but found 2 in Iowa on whitepages.com

No Grad w/ UsHensley, Amanda
No Clue

No Grad w/ UsHino, Airo
Lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Hixson, Lisa Marie
415 E Washington St, Apt 2
Washington, IA 52353
319.694.4915 (home)
Occupation: Kindergarten teacher
Favorite High School Memories: TPing at Homecoming our senior year. Cruising and hanging out on the square.
She attended Indian Hills for 2 years & Iowa Wesleyan College for 2 years.

Hoffman, Stacey Alan
He moved to New York in runs his own business installing high end stereos into peoples homes and businesses.

No Grad w/ UsHoffmeister, Sarah
Lives near Mt. Pleasant, IA

She graduated from Suburban Heights Christian School and has a son named Kale, who was born sometime in 1999.

Hollander, David James
1200 1/2 E Adams Av
Faifield, IA 52556
David had knee surgery in June 2003.

UpdatedHoskins, Brenton Galen (Brent Hoskins)
607 N B St
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.9526 (home)
Occupation: Farmer
Spouse: Mindy
Spouse's Occupation: 3rd Grade teacher at Washington Elementary School
Children: Hunter (3 years); Lily (1 year)

Houser, Scott Dean
100 N 16th St
Fairfield, IA 52556
"I've done a whole lot of nothing for 7 years.  Father of 2 as of May 2000.  Working in Mt. Pleasant and wanting to go back to school."  Has also been in a band for the last 7 years as well.

Hughell, Angela Jean (Angie Hunt)
20 Village Dr. #1
North Liberty, IA 52317
Married Chuck Hunt.

Jeansonne, Lucy Frances
No clue

No Grad w/ UsJennings, Jed
Not sure about him.  Think I see him at Fairfield Library.

Johnson, Kristil Dawn (Kristi Johnson)
1100 W Spaulding Av
Fairfield, IA 52556
Occupation: Bartender at Red Rock in Fairfield, IA

Karbacka, Timothy Ross
1002 Grand Park
Fairfield, IA 52556

No Grad w/ UsKeading, Michael
Anyone know?

Personal Page  UpdatedKessel, Denise Marie (Denise Estle)
2349 Glasgow Road
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.9552 (home)
641.472.6193 (work)

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Spouse: Robert Estle, married September 19, 1998
Spouse's Occupation: Estle Construction. He started in spring 2002 and does anything from blading driveways to digging ponds and basements.
Child: Jonathono Michael (9 months) born November 4, 2002
Travel: Took Harley to Sturgis, SD in August 2000
Denise graduated from Indian Hills Community College in 94 from Administrative Secretarial program. Worked at Internal Medicine in Ottumwa from 94 to 96. Presently working at Fairfield City Hall since January 97. Jonathon Michael Estle was born on November 4th, 2002.  He was over 9 pounds and 21.5 inches long.

No Grad w/ UsKirk, Abigail
Anyone know?

Klesner, Paul Michael
318 34th St NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
319.363.5468 (home)

Kraus, Daniel Dale
c/o his parents
1499 Dogwood Dr
Fairfield, IA 52556

No Grad w/ UsKrause, Kimberly (Kim Krause)
She moved to Iowa City during our sophmore year.

Landon, Marcy Kay
Marcy has two boys, Torrent and Canyon. And She is a nurse in Fairfield.

UpdatedLarson, Brian Keith
3814 Pinnacle Cr
Lawrence, KS 66049
755.830.1366 (home)
Occupation: Process Engineer
Activities: Softball, golf, hunting, motorcycling and flying small airplanes.
Travel: Spent 2 weeks in New Zealand and Australia. I dislocated my right shoulder while riding off-road motorcycle in Australia.
Earned private pilot's license in fall 2002. He graduated from Iowa State University and with a B.S. in Industrial Technology in the Fall of 1997. He is working as a Process Engineer at Sauer-Sundstrand.

Lawrence, Derek Raymond
902 Sunset Dr
Fairfield, IA 52556
641.472.7547 (home)
Derek and his wife are both nurses at the Jefferson County Hospital and have one daughter.

Personal Page  UpdatedLewis, Scott Daniel
213 E 3rd St
Washington, IA 52353
Occupation: Public Sector Manager for Waste Management (basically dealing with city/government agencies on their contracts) for Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas
9/16/2002 - "Currently working as site manager for waste management of Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids. Still single, have steady girlfriend, though :) I'm a staff sergeant in the Iowa National Guard, stationed at Bravo Company 224th Engineer Battalion, Ottumwa Iowa."
6/13/03 - "I will be moving to Des Moines in May of next year. Just got back from my two week training for the National Guard, we went to Camp Ripley, Minnesota, where it was wet and cold for most of the time. It really sucks to get up at 4am and try to get dressed in the rain!!! But it was fun, we got to work with some really good guys from Des Moines and blow up a bunch of explosives."

Littlejohn, Daniel Mark (Dan Littlejohn)
Redwood Ave
Brighton, IA 52540
With Deanna

Personal PageLong, Leslie Dawn (Leslie Nichols)
Box 285
Mesa, CO 81643
Occupation: Teacher
Spouse: John Nichols
Spouse's Occupation: Owns a gravel pit
Children: Caitlyn Grace born December 16th, 1998, MaryClaire born August 6th, 2001, and John Kniley Nichols III arrived at 2:15 on July 10th, 2003
Associates-IHCC Bachelors Degree-Buena Vista University.  Teaching at Plateau Valley School.  "Our family owns and runs a gravel pit.  I taught 4th grade last year.  I love it!  My students are amazing and I think that 4th grade is definitely my forte'. I enjoyed 4th grade myself." John III was 7lbs. 1/2 oz., 20 1/2 inches, and has lots of light brown hair.
Congratulations on getting a son!!!

Long, Nickolaus Adam (Nick Long)
Box 125
Birmingham, IA 52535
319.498.4438 (home)
Spouse: Shannan Miller
Activities: Hunting
Child: Shelbie Andre'a born January 2001.

No Grad w/ UsLowe, Amy Jo
Has three children and still lives around Fairfield

UpdatedLunsford, Joshua Todd (Josh Lunsford)
2725 Sassafras Boulevard
Stockport, IA 52651
319.796.4396 (home)
Occupation: Student for Radiology
Spouse: Amber Crane, married June 1998
Spouse's Occupation: Student
Children: Bryce(6 years); Mikaela Clarine (4.5 years); Brendon (3 years)
Activities and Organizations: Member of the NRA and member of the BBOA (Bluetick Breeders of America).
Favorite High School Memories: Friends and the feeling I got when I use to walk out on the wrestling mat.
He spent 3 years in the USMC, then got out and met Amber Crane of Durant. He currently raises, breeds and competition hunts with Bluetick Coonhounds. Plays co-ed softball.

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