Last Updated August 2003

I am willing to create a web page for everyone one that was part of Class of 93 at FHS.  If you will just send me some current photos, via email or snail mail or when you bump into me at Wal-mart, just hand 'em over.  And they don't necessarily have to be of you.  People are intersted in what you are doing with your life, so you could post family members, pets, job items, such as airplanes.  I guess the only requirement is that the pictures have something to do with you.
These are sorted by date updated.

Leslie Long (Leslie Nichols) - updated 8/25/2003
Wendi Bennett (Wendi Manley) - updated 7/29/03
Robert Estle - updated 11/13/2002
Denise Kessel - updated 11/13/2002
Anita Lynn Rogers - updated 11/13/2002
Jeffrey Allan Stoltz (Jeff Stoltz) - updated 11/13/2002
Scott Daniel Lewis - updated 11/12/2002
Jeffrey Allen Barnett (Jeff Barnett) - updated 6/30/2002
Robert Duane Bowman (Bob Bowman) - updated 6/30/2002
Dorae Lynn Gerard (Dorae Rippey) - updated 6/30/2002
Renae Jean Rippey - updated 6/30/2002
Jason Wilfawn - updated 6/30/2002
Billie Jo Wiley (Billie Jo Wiley-Garner - updated 5/8/2002
Michael Hassel (Mike Hassel) - updated 2/27/2002
Amy Rochelle Ehrhardt (Amy Ferrel) - updated 2/26/2002
Joe Santiphab Vongkaysone - updated 11/11/2001
Amanda Sue Diener - updated 10/29/2001
Sean Erik Nelson - updated 9/20/2001
Laura Cline - updated 8/23/2000
Scott Cox
Sarah Ann Gray
Tracy Jean Nixon
Michael Tarrence